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Product Development Consultancy

product development Dynamiq provides companies of all sizes with the expertise, experience and network of contacts to develop world-class products and support their successful commercialisation.  Our services are available on a variety of flexible terms, from simple subcontract basis through to shared equity arrangements.

Starting from a customer requirement, Dynamiq can design, build, test & develop a prototype product or system and then if required begin production manufacturing either in the UK or China. Our team is experienced in Patenting, Trademarks and general issues regarding the protection of IPR, which is essential for effective commercialisation of products.

Dynamiq Engineering provides a full world-class stress analysis & multi-disciplinary simulations capability in-house, offering affordable access to the highest levels of design technology available.  Our simulation capability allows our designs to be rigorously analysed and tested in the virtual environment early in the design cycle, allowing problems to be eliminated at the design stage.  
Dynamiq is therefore able to offer innovative mechanical design solutions with greater performance and lower cost while minimising the amount of product testing and the time-to-market.

Our product development services cover the full spectrum of activities necessary to successfully bring a product to market:

• Inventor/Investor Partnerships
• Technology Development
• Product Styling
• Visualisation
• Detailed Technical Design
• Prototype Manufacture
• Testing, Development & Certification
• Patents & IPR Protection
• Manufacturing in the UK & China
• Commercialisation & Marketing


Dynamiq Engineering provides all of the services, expertise and support necessary to bring new product development ideas to market successfully.


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