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Design Optimisation

Mechnical Design OptimisationDynamiq Engineering provides high-level stress analysis and multi-disciplinary simulation across the mechanical engineering sector.  Consequently, we have accumulated vast experience of the latest technologies and processes employed across the engineering industry.  Busy engineering organisations universally don’t have the time or resources to review progress made in other sectors that could benefit their products. 

Dynamiq Engineering provides up-to-the-minute knowledge of engineering technology, processes and developments to all of its clients.  We offer a range of design analysis services including; Mechanical Design Optimisation, FEA Optimisation and CFD Optimisation

Mechanical Design Optimisation involves the analysis and optimisation of the whole design architecture of the mechanical design of a given product or system.  This process allows Dynamiq to introduce new methods, technologies and processes to established products based on best-practise from across the mechanical engineering sector. 


Typical applications for Mechanical Design Optimisation:

• Size & Weight Reduction
• Energy Efficiency Increase
• Cost Reduction
• New Technology Integration
• Digital Control System Integration


Dynamiq’s Mechanical Design Optimisation service keeps specialist companies on the cutting edge of technology by benefiting from our exposure and knowledge of the whole engineering industry.


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