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Heat Transfer Analysis

The management of thermal loads and heat transfer is a critical factor in the design of many mechanical products and systems.  Dynamiq Engineering provides a comprehensive Steady-State and Transient CFD Thermal Analysis & Design services using OpenFOAM, Fluent, CFX and SolidWorks Flow Simulation.  CFD Thermal Analysis extends the capability of FEA thermal analysis by replacing the simplistic convection boundary conditions with direct calculations of the heat transfer coefficients based on the fluid flow properties and is often referred to a conjugate heat transfer analysis.

Once the flow solution is complete and the temperature distribution in the solid bodies has been computed then the effects of thermal expansion, thermal stress, fatigue, creep and thermally induced buckling can be calculated in detail.  Effects such as temperature dependent material and fluid properties, contact conditions and other sources of non-linearity can be modelled in detail, regardless of the complexity of the system.

CFD thermal analysis allows engineers to conduct comprehensive, automated, multi-point optimisation of designs.  This process allows engineers to automatically optimise a design to a given set of performance parameters and can be used to balance thermal loads, temperature distributions and heat transfer rates to given design targets.

Dynamiq Engineering provides CFD thermal analyses and design optimisation to a wide variety of clients and industries, such as:

•    Aerospace & Defence
•    Electronic Systems
•    Oil & Gas
•    Heavy Industry

Typical applications include:  

•    PCB Design
•    Electronic Enclosures & Cooling Systems
•    Heat Exchanger Design
•    Heat Shield & Insulation Design & Optimisation


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